Gina Cuttone

The San Joaquin Valley reaching from Merced to Bakersfield is known for many things; however, perhaps most special and unique to the region is its dedication to philanthropy and giving back to those less fortunate.

No stranger to philanthropic efforts is Gina Cuttone, owner of Barthuli & Associates Insurance Services, but also a community steward committed to making a difference.

Gina first became involved with Catholic Charities when the Ministers of Presence Guild was formed in Fresno ten years ago. The purpose of Guild is to promote and support the mission and work of Catholic Charities through involvement in special events, volunteer service and representing Catholic Charities to the greater community.

“I was honored to be part of such a special guild that truly made a difference in the lives of others not as fortunate as many of us… no matter their religion, race or gender. They merely had a need for themselves and/or their family.”

As a founding member of the Guild, Gina has and still does take her role in the Guild very seriously as a passionate advocate for the work of Catholic Charities through both her professional and personal life.

“The impact the agency makes on such a large number of adults and children was, and still is, mind boggling. The agency reaches so many lives to help bridge these fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from such despair to not only providing food but to help them get to the next stage of their lives with the support of Catholic Charities.”

Gina was born and raised in Fresno, has raised her own family here and now operates her business here.

She has a heart for service and her involvement in the community is vast. She serves on numerous philanthropic boards and committees and never hesitates whether “giving” is the right thing to do.

“I truly believe with all my heart that the well-being of our society rests on the shoulders of those that give back – whether it be of time, talent or treasure… to give with no expectation of receiving but to see Gods work and the impact of one’s effort is the reward. I continue to be amazed at the many generous donors of our community and the many ways dollars are spent at Catholic Charities… it takes true effort for $0.90 of every dollar raised to go directly to programs and services for those served – and that’s what they do.”

Though Gina is friends to several organizations throughout the community, Catholic Charities holds a special place in her heart.

“I believe in the Catholic Charities mission and that through its works the most vulnerable of lives are touched and effort is focused on those in poverty. Catholic Charities is an agency where you can see your dollars, heart and time make a significant impact on a large number of lives and the improvement of their days, weeks and outlook. Through this organization, they can see God in what they receive.”