Homeless and Hopeless

At Catholic Charities we often see how a single life event can turn a seemingly normal person into a person in crisis. Melvin Yearby, a former Hall of Fame Minor League Baseball player, is no exception.

Melvin had a good life that was turned upside down with the loss of a significant other just a few short years ago. He lost all faith, all hope and left everything behind. As he fell deeper and deeper into depression, Melvin became homeless in March of 2018.

After months of sleeping in his car, Melvin stepped back and realized he didn’t like the way he was living. Finally, he asked God for help.

With all his personal belongings in a storage unit in Atwater, Melvin returned to the area in search of shelter and work. He soon became employed but with all of his income going towards nights in motel rooms and food to nourish his body, Melvin quickly became discouraged again with no way to save what was needed for a home. Though it seemed everything was once again falling apart, Melvin knew it was just another challenge he needed to overcome.

A friend told Melvin about Catholic Charities and he said we offered a new direction… hope. We were able to help Melvin with several services but more than anything, we offered him the strength and encouragement he needed to believe in himself and in a brighter tomorrow.

Today Melvin has moved into an apartment and is back to attending services at his church.