The Gift of Warmth

This Is What Warmth Feels Like

When you look into the eyes of a man who appears to have lost all hope as his three small children cling to his leg, it’s impossible to know his pain in that moment.


He stood out in the cold in his short sleeve shirt as we handed him a new coat. He immediately put it on and said “this is what warmth feels like.” 


They looked at the box overflowing with food as if it were a treasure chest. The boxes of Macaroni and Cheese were the gold for his developmentally disabled child with food texture sensory disorders. 


After delivering new coats, food for at least a week, and new toys for each of the children, I was preparing to drive back to our brick and mortar site when I said “Have a Merry Christmas” to the single dad working so hard to survive. I’ll never forget his response as he said with tears in his eyes… “We will now.”


This single dad is just one of 200,000 people that you helped make a difference for this year throughout the 8-county Diocese of Fresno. He’s also one of more than 15,000 new clients served this year who never had to seek out our help before. 


Because of you, Catholic Charities is a beacon of hope for so many vulnerable families. There’s a unique, human connectivity that exists here; it’s deep, meaningful and personal to all that cross our path. 


We’re grateful for your generosity that continues to assist our neighbors in crisis. Thank you for your consideration in making a tax-deductible end of the year gift that allows us to keep impacting the lives of others. Every dollar you give makes a difference.


Thank you for helping us serve those in the greatest of need. 


May your New Year be filled with joy, peace and God’s blessings. 


Jeff Negrete

Executive Director